Chosen Generation Christian Academy is a private Christian school located in Lithonia, GA. We are  increasing and equipping God’s chosen people to stand strong and firm in their faith. As a learning community, we encourage each student’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth by applying Biblical truth in the context of real life. Because true learning begins by knowing God, our students learn that all truth is God’s truth through each academic discipline. 

Learn what is true in order to do what is right

-Thomas Huxley



The development of the whole child is an integral piece to the work we do here at CGCA. As founders of Chosen Generation Christian Academy, it is our belief that every child has the ability to learn any curriculum if the environment provides a stellar academic model and nurtures the child’s curiosity, meets their cultural and physical needs, and of greatest significance makes them feel respected, loved, and that love is to be shown to others. “Beloved if God so loved us, we ought also love one another” 1 John 4:11.



 It is important that our families/students understand that God is real and ever present in our lives. We endeavor to impart into our students that Christ uniquely created them for a purpose.  They are chosen to carry out a special task for the glory of God. Being a Christ-centered school, we recognize that Christ himself is a God of covenant- partnership. A covenant is an agreement between two or more parties.  Partnership is a team of people working together to accomplish a common goal. Partners consistently communicate with one another just as God desires to commune with his people.  Simply put, if we agree to work with God in building our younger generations, for his purpose, all involved will prosper.


In 2013, Chosen Generation Christian Academy was established as an independent, non-denominational K2-3rd grade school. Chosen Generation Christian Academy’s purpose and desire is to provide excellence in a Christ-centered education.  

Chosen Generation Christian Academy is COMMITTED to providing any child who attends with comprehensive educational and spiritual services: strong foundation in Christ, advance academics, life skills, cultural awareness, community service, physical education, and an overall well rounded child.


Chosen Generation Christian Academy's vision is to be used by God in the ministry of education to aid in the development of excellency in a student's academic career  while fostering a relationship with Christ that edifies the kingdom of God. 


Excellence is more than doing a good job. It involves more than performing the bare minimum. Perhaps the best way to define excellence is to describe what it is not. Excellence does not imply mediocrity or complacency. It is not doing something of poor quality or throwing together a patchy project. The opposite of excellence is inconsistency and unreliability, leading to untrustworthiness- Amy Miller